Bring hoopdance to your school

Infinity Hoopdance has been providing quality fitness and dance instruction to Edmonton since 2010. Your instructor, Nina Wosar, is a certified and insured Group Fitness Leader with the AFLCA, as well as a certified HoopGirl and HoopPlay Instructor. Her passion for hoopdance paired with her experience creates a fun, safe and supportive learning environment.

Kids of all ages are drawn to the freedom of expression that hooping offers, as well as the exciting dance and circus moves that they can learn. It’s a phenomenal activity for physical education, drama, dance or wellness programs in elementary, junior high or high schools.

Hoopdance is a fun and engaging activity that provideds cardiovascular exercise, boosts energy and self-confidence, improves balance and coordination and provides a unique outlet for self-expression.

Our workshops can be tailored to any age group (from Kindergarden to grade 12) as well as any length of time such as one time or on-going(weekly) workshops, or book a full day workshop and get the entire school hooping!

Contact us to book a workshop for your school, after-school care program, sports or day camp or special event!



“Nina provides an excellent experience for children and consistently has enthusiasm for hooping that inspires others to learn how to do it.  Nina has been to Inglewood school twice and the response from the students and parents has been phenomenal.  She brings an assortment of different sized hoops so all students can experience success. I would recommend Nina to any organization wanting their students to try hooping!”

– Cathy Forrest, Inglewood School Teacher .

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