How to care for your new Infinity hoop:

Your hoop is built with durable materials, special attention to every detail and love! With some mindful care, you can enjoy your hoop for years to come. Follow these instructions to keep your hoop healthy and happy:

  • Store your hoop flat (ex. under your bed)
  • Only collapse travel hoops when needed. Once you reach your destination, store open (un-collapsed).
  • To protect the tape, hoop on soft ares (grass and carpeting). Harsh surfaces (gravel and concrete) can damage the tape.
  • Do not leave your hoop in hot conditions (ex. a hot car) for extended periods of time. (Especially if its collapsed!) It will warp and lose it’s shape. If you can store it flat and uncollapsed in your trunk it will be OK.
  • Do not leave your hoop in grass outside overnight or use in wet conditions. The dew will eventually wear down on the tapes adhesive.
  • Do not hoop with cold polypro hoops (if they have been in your car for an extended period of time in the winter) as they are prone to shattering when cold. Allow them to warm up to room temperature for 15-20 minutes before using.
  • We suggest not coiling your polypro hoops all the way down to collapse for travel. It can be really hard on the tubing, connector and tape. Rather, coil it down part ways and tie the ends and middle down with some fabric, zip ties or tape.
  • Enjoy!

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