Intermediate Hoopdance


Expand your hoopdance practice with our Intermediate Hoopdance class!

In each class we will:

  • Explore movement and dance with and without the hoop
  • Practice drills to build strength and flow
  • Learn a variety of on and off body techniques
  • Learn transitions between these moves and how to  combine together into creative sequences

Each class will end with 10-15 minutes of free jam time to play with any moves you want to practice, followed by a group cool down & stretch.

Hoops will be provided for class use and available for purchase if you’d like your own.

Prerequisite: This class is designed for hoopers who want to take it to the next level! If you have taken a beginner classes series (or are comfortable with waist hooping and a wide variety of off body moves) and you want to learn fun new moves while deepening your flow and connecting to your body and hoop, this class is for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss!

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