Join us midwinter for a day of HOOPING FUN! Come be cozy while we learn, jam and play together. We are thrilled to present guest instructor Kimberly Dawn for TWO hoop workshops in January.

Sign up for one, or join us for BOTH & SAVE! Plus, enjoy a FREE Rainbow Yoga Warm Up with Nina Infinity to kick things off.


12:30 – 1 pm FREE Rainbow Yoga Warm Up with Nina Infinity

1 – 2:30 pm Rotate, Flip & Fold with Kimberly (Single Hoop Workshop)

2:30-3 pm Break & Open Jam

3-4:30 pm 3 & 4 Petal Wall Flowers with Kimberly (Intermediate Twin Hooping Workshop)

Space is limited, click here to buy your ticket now! (Use the code PLAY2018 to save an extra $5 up until Wednesday, January 24!)


ROTATE, FLIP & FOLD (Single Hoop Workshop)

This workshop is designed for all levels of hoop dance in mind. Off-body coin flips combined with on body-rotations and some sassy folds will leave you with some fresh moves in your hoop flow.

Beginning on-body we will look at utilizing every surface to vertically rotate the hoop around, including our legs to our palms. Vertically rotating the hoop provides many ways to transition the hoop on and off our bodies.

Taking our rotations off-body for flips will be looking at the classic coin flip. Flipping the hoop horizontally adds a dramatic affect to your everyday moves! We will be looking at how we can better control our flips and how to easily add them into many combos.

The last portion of the workshop will be adding in a sassy fold to tie all the flipping and rotations together. The fold we will be looking at is a behind the back fold/full body wrap. This move is a buttery transition that allows the hoop to naturally rotate around your body, as its coming from behind it adds a nice element of surprise in your dance.

The concepts covered in this workshop will help add more dynamic movement to your hoop dance through vertical and horizontal movements. Come and discover the joy your hoop can bring with rotations, flips and folds.

3 & 4 PETAL WALL FLOWERS (Intermediate Twin Hooping Workshop)

Prerequisite: Anti-Spin with Twins

Wall Flowers are one of the best moves to open onto your wall plane with double hoops. These wall plane patterns can be found and translated in various props including: poi, clubs, double fans, staffs ect. Building a foundation for the flower pattern we will look at our arm paths and points around our body without props. Beginning with our hoops we will start with the 3-petal flower or also known as “triquetra”. We will look at many ways to transition in and out of this flower using our wheel and wall plane. Expanding to a 4-petal flower we will begin diving deep into this beautiful pattern. Adding 1 more petal allows more opportunity to transition into a whole other range of movements such as isolations, hug weaves and much more. These flowers will help to blossom your double flow and become more comfortable on your wall plane.


“The first time I had experienced the sensation of prop spinning was through a dance I shared with my multi-colored ribbon, while attending my first music festival. Beginning to dance with my ribbon I connected with the music in a way I had never truly felt before. This new-found connection with music, movement and self-expression opened me up to the world of flow arts. Discovering the different props within flow arts I soon found my true love for the hula hoop, and the infinite dance the circle truly does offer. My love for the hula hoop has continually burned bright for 5 years and counting. Multiple hoops have ignited my passion for patterns and geometry within hula hooping. Sharing my progress within prop spinning through teaching and performing has given me the motivation to continually follow my heart and my passion with this art. I aspire to keep learning and growing through this art form that has brought me a true sense of self-awareness, imagination and creativity.”