See what others are saying about our classes!

“I loved the pace and the open expression. It was an inspirational class which allowed me to be active in an imaginative and challenging way. I loved the benefits of the HoopGirl Workout combined with the exhilaration of dance.” – Kerri

“Fantastic. Very energetic and friendly instructor.”- Craig

“I love Nina’s style of teaching – specifically the spiritual and meditative aspects; the stretching and opening your inner self. I also appreciate the small class sizes.” – Jana

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the amount of individual attention.” – Jenn

“I like the comfortable and supportive atmosphere. It’s very conducive to learning.” – Cypriana Koziak

“My favorite part of class was the positive energy and reinforcement!” – Katie Young

“I learned many tricks and gained confidence. Nina is an amazing teacher. I look forward all week to class!” – Dawn

“The great instructor was really patient and always tried to find ways of explaining moves so they would click in each students brain.” – Adele

“Great teaching style! There is a great atmosphere in the class and I loved the learning experience.” – Megan MacGregor

“I wanted to achieve a basic understanding of hooping and learn to dance with the hoop. I fully achieved this goal, as well as gain more confidence and awareness of my body and dancing. Hooping not only taught me how to hoop, but it also gave me inner peace and a desire to hoop more!” – Anonymous

“I’m much more confident now hooping in front of others. Hooping is a fun alternative to exercise. Nina was patient and always positive.” – Lori

“Nina is a wonderful instructor! She makes learning new tricks simple and fun. I would love to take more classes.” – Steph

“Nina was great at slowing down and breaking down the various parts [of a move]. She was a great teacher – very patient and accommodating, and created a great environment for learning, no favoritism like I’ve experienced elsewhere. The pacing was good, just the right amount of new skills presented each class.” – Christina

“I wanted to experience a new way to connect with myself and others. I loved the experience, it was awesome.” – Cory

“Very accommodating to all levels of experience and lots of fun!” – Breane

“I achieved better sense of self and flow.” – Tarra Belle Solo

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