Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Infinity Hoopdance located? I operate my small business from home, and teach classes at King Edward Park Hall (7708 – 85 Street) AND Parkdale/Cromdale Hall (11335-85 Street)

What is Hoopdance? Hoopdance is a fun and unique form of dance fitness. Hoopers use professional adult hoops while they dance to hoop on their waist, chest, knees, and off their body. View some hoop videos here.

What are the benefits of Hoopdance? 65690_552903611421297_893721508_nHoopdance is wonderful for your MIND, BODY and SOUL! It:

  • Strengthens and tones core muscles
  • Provides great cardiovascular exercise
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Releases stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Boosts energy and self-confidence
  • Increases body awareness and helps get in touch with body
  • Instills a positive “YES I CAN!” attitude
  • Increases focus and determination
  • Provides a creative outlet of expression and exploration
    …and it’s so much FUN you’ll forget your exercising!

Who can hoop? Everyone can hoop! Seriously! Specially weighted hoops and grip tape help the hoop stick to your hips. No dance experience required. Both men and women are welcome. Hooping is a low impact exercise and can be modified for all fitness levels.

Where can I learn to hoop? We offer weekly classes and workshops in Edmonton, AB.

What kind of hoops are used? It’s OK if you couldn’t hula hoop as a kid – you’ll still be able to hoop with a high-quality professional hoopdance hoop! They are heavier, larger and more durable than toy store hula hoops. They are specially weighted for the adult body and feature grip tape that help the hoop cling to the body. Infinity Hoops will be provided for class use and will also be available for purchase if you want to hoop at home!

Why can’t I use a toy store hoop? Hoops from the toy store are made for children’s bodies – They are small in diameter and very lightweight, which cause the hoop to move very fast and is difficult for an adult to “keep up” on their waist. The larger size and weight of a beginner dance hoop allows the hoop to move more slowly around your body, giving you more time to react, thus making it easier to keep up. Grip tape also helps the hoop to stick to the hips. As a hooper progresses and becomes more comfortable with various moves and tricks, they may choose to get a lighter, faster pro hoop to rock out with.

Where can I buy a Pro Hoop? Infinity Hoopdance sells beautiful hand made hoops. Custom hoops are also available! Visit our shop to buy one of your own.

How to care for your Infinity Hoop:

Your hoop is built with durable materials, special attention to every detail and lots of love! With some mindful care, you can enjoy your hoop for many years to come. Follow these instructions to keep your hoop healthy and happy:

  • Store your hoop flat (ex. under your bed)
  • Only collapse travel hoops when needed. Once you reach your destination, store open (un-collapsed).
  • To protect the tape, hoop on soft ares (grass and carpeting). Harsh surfaces (gravel and concrete) can damage the tape.
  • Do not leave your hoop in hot conditions (ex. a hot car) for extended periods of time. (Especially if its collapsed!) It will warp and lose it’s shape.
  • Do not leave your hoop in grass outside overnight. Overtime moisture can wear down on the tapes adhesive.
  • Most importantly, ENJOY!

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